The Quilt Patch

10381 Main Street, Fairfax, Virginia 22030 703-273-6937

Hours: Monday-Saturday 10-5, Sunday 12-5

The Quilt Patch offers maintenance and repair services on Bernina sewing and embroidery machines. In addition, we offer quilting and finishing services.


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Sewing Machine Service Note

Do you have a Bernina 8 Series machine? We have a Bernina 8 Series Certified Technician on staff! Your machine will be in good hands.

Please call ahead to make an appointment when you plan to bring your Bernina in for service or repair.

When bringing your machine in for servicing, please bring only:

  • The machine
  • Power cord
  • Foot control
  • #3A or #3C buttonhole foot if available
  • Bobbin case
  • BSR (Bernina Stitch Regulator) if you have one
  • Embroidery module, hoops, embroidery foot, templates (if the module is to be serviced)

Our techs don't need any other accessories. 


We often hear from customers that they don't have their machine serviced regularly because they don't use it very often and we totally understand the logic behind this notion.  However, like any piece of machinery, lack of use can leave the oil and lubrication to thicken over time and when you use your machine again, it may not function as smoothly as expected.  So, Bernina recommends a service at least every 12-18 months to keep your precious machine working at maximum efficiency.

Machine Service Charges
As of April 15, 2015

Singer Featherweights$ 99.00
Bernina Sergers except:$110.00
2000DCE, 1300MDC , 1300DC, 2500DC
Note: We no longer service 2500CET
Bernina/Bernette sewing machines$110.00
200, 630, 640, 730, 820, 710, 750, 740, 770, 820$120.00
820, If purchased elsewhere$150.00
All models with Emb Modules$135.00
Bernina Sergers except:$110.00
750QEE, 770QEE, 780E, 790E, 830E, 880E$150.00
750QEE, 770QEE, 780E, 790E, 830E, 880E
    If purchased elsewhere
Extra Labor per Hour:$ 80.00
If purchased elsewhere$ 90.00
7-series, 8-series If purchased elsewhere$100.00
We offer private lessons on a variety of quilting skills, hand or machine and mastery classes on most Bernina machines no longer in the current line. Please call for a personal appointment. ($25.00/hour)

Why do we make appointments?
We do this to allow our technicians to plan their time. They know how many machines they can handle in an average day. If your machine is working, but needs a tune-up, we think you’d prefer to sew on it rather than let it sit on our shelves until its turn comes up. We don’t ship machines out to be serviced. Our two trained and certified techs do the work in house, so we know that under most circumstances, our turnaround time is normally 4-5 business days unless a part has to be ordered. You are welcome to drop off your machine any time that is convenient to you.