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Welcome to our embroidery page! Look here for news about embroidery at the Quilt Patch, including new samples, new designs, embroidery classes, and Embroidery Club.

Bernina LogoGet Your Embroidery Designs
through the Bernina Design Studio

Finding your favorite embroidery designs is now as easy as 1-2-3!

Step OneChoose Your Design
Search for embroidery designs -- new designs and old favorites. All available designs are there on the website, including ETO favorites and Platinum designs. New collections are introduced every month!

Step TwoWrite Down the Numbers
Write down the collection number or design number. Some designs are available in sets of 1, 5, 10, or 20. Others are available only in their original collections.

Step ThreeBring Us Your USB Stick
Come to the Quilt Patch with your list of designs and your USB stick. Bring your own USB stick or the exclusive Bernina USB stick and we can download your choice of designs -- up to 150 designs per transaction. Then you can open them into your emboidery software, burn them to your own CD, write them to your Magic Card via the Magic Box, or connect directly to your machine! If you lose your designs, you can bring the original stick back to your dealer and download the designs again -- at no additional charge.

Buy 10 embroidery designs from Design Studio and you get 50% off a Quilt Patch USB stick.

Designs are downloaded to your USB stick in multi-formats that work for most machines. Download the free ArtLink software to resize your designs, change colors, and make minor edits.

Embroidery Blanks
Come in and see our collection of embroidery blanks. Generally, we stock linen guest towels, table runners, slippers, aprons, book marks, and black pashminas.  These are wonderful for embroidery and other surface design techniques such as painting or felting.

The guest towels are completely finished and would be lovely with or without your embroidery. We have them in white, ecru, and oatmeal.

Guest Towel Blank


Embroidery Club

Embroidery Club
Come and join the fun! New and exciting things are happening in Embroidery Club. Learn to use your machine to create beautiful embroidery every time. Each session introduces you to a new project, technique, stabilizers, everything you need to be successful. Members get a 25% discount on Bernina/OESD products on class day. You may choose to bring your embroidery machine and sew or come for the lecture demo. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO OWN A BERNINA TO JOIN. PLEASE NOTE THE NEW START TIME IN January 2017 Ask or click here for a supply list. Annual dues: $75 (pro-rated if you join late)
SUN 1:45pm-4:45pm: (2018) JAN 28, MAR 18, MAY 20, JUL 22, SEP 23
2017: SUN 1:45pm-4:45pm: (2017) SEP 24

All levels ................................................................ Instructors, Lesly-Claire Greenberg, Kathy Lincoln

Software Sampler
Enjoy the excellent virtual presentations from Bernina educators, great handouts and interesting projects. This is NOT hands on, but a wealth of information for you to take home and develop however you wish. We will schedule it as an “add-on” to our Embroidery Club BUT you DO NOT have to enroll in Embroidery Club to take Software Sampler. Bring pencil and paper to take notes. 5 sessions. PLEASE NOTE NEW START TIME in January 2017. Ask for a supply list. 5 sessions, $50 (prorated if joining late)
SUN 12:30pm-1:30pm: (2018) JAN 28, MAR 18, MAY 20, JUL 22, SEP 23
2017: SUN 12:30pm-1:30pm: (2017) SEP 24

All levels ................................................................ Instructors, Kathy Lincoln, Lesly-Claire Greenberg